Our One Community provides comprehensive
medical care and transformative education as foundations
for a sustainable Maasai community.




Olmoti’s first-ever clinic for maternal care, safe deliveries and children’s health now encompasses comprehensive medical services, from lab analysis to family planning to infectious disease testing.



A fully equipped surgery center and patient wards provide capacity for advanced services and specialized staff to address health needs across the community


Outreach Programs

A district-wide trachoma and cataract outreach, a vital focus on fistula, and HIV screening and treatment are among Olmoti Clinic’s specialized programs.


Learning Across the Lifespan

A primary school, youth tutoring program, high school scholarships, and adult education classes ensure learning opportunities for all children and adults.


Transformative Water

Olmoti’s fresh water delivery comes via Olmoti Clinic’s 6-kilometer pipeline with spigots throughout the community. It has transformed life in this remote region.


Medical Volunteers

Visiting doctors enrich the medical services at Olmoti Clinic and Health Center, offering their expertise in specialties ranging from HIV/AIDs to pediatrics.

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Sewing for Hygiene


The women of Olmoti are creating
a fledgling business while serving
a local need. Using sewing machines provided by Olmoti Clinic, they sew non-disposable feminine pads for women and girls, a commodity otherwise not found in this remote area.

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Literacy Kudos


The Longido District Council honored Dr. Diane Raleigh for contributions to education in Ol-moti: a primary school, high-school scholarships and now a literacy program that is teaching eager adults to read.

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Dramatic Impact


Olmoti Clinic friend and supporter Laura Luxemburg of Ssubi recently visited Olmoti. She saw for the first time the impact of the $150,000 worth of equipment and supplies she provided to equip our new Health Center and surgery wards.


The Olmoti Safari

The unforgettable Olmoti Safari and Cultural Tour, with top-tier accommodations and world-renowned game preserves, supports our work with the Maasai.

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