Evolving from a small facility with basic health care, the Olmoti Clinic has expanded over the years to become an official Tanzanian Health Center. Comprehensive medical services including surgical interventions are available to all peoples of Olmoti and surrounding communities.

The Center is staffed by three doctors, six nurses, two laboratory technicians and two medical assistants. More than 700 patients are treated each month. In addition to surgical procedures and emergency services our team focuses on crucial health needs including:

  • Clean and safe deliveries 

  • Extensive maternal and childcare services including prenatal care, vaccinations and vitamins

  • Screening and treatment for HIV and other infectious diseases

  • Family planning

  • Hygiene Education

  • Foot care

  • Pediatric services



The onsite diagnostic laboratory is equipped with hematology and chemistry analyzers which allow our medical team to identify HIV, TB, Hepatitis B, bacteria, infections and various disorders. This capacity allows the lab to provide timely analyses.


Since 2013, Olmoti Clinic has focused on quality eye care. Annual trachoma screening and treatment reaches hundreds of school age children, with a goal of eradicating the condition. The clinic has long focused on identifying and treating cataract. Our program restores vision to more than 50 adults each year.


The fistula program focuses on educating Maasai women on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of this condition that is considered a taboo subject. Our team is working to sensitize the community and build awareness of fistula. Olmoti Clinic partners with Maternity Africa which offers Olmoti women free corrective surgeries.

Volunteer Doctors

Visiting physicians enrich the medical services at Olmoti Clinic and Health Center, vlounteering their expertise in a range of health specialtiesThe Maasai community has responded with enthusiasm, lining up with their children to see a visiting pediatrician, and undergoing HIV testing from an expert in the field. Our clinic staff has benefitted from ultrasound training in specialized equipment brought by a U.S. medical professional.