Quality, accessible, sustainable learning–
a pathway to well-being and empowerment


Olmoti Primary School

Olmoti Primary School provides accessible education from grades 1 through 7. Olmoti Trust began the school with two classrooms in 2015, and within three years enrolled nearly 300 children in morning and afternoon classes, prompting an expansion to seven grades, with four additional classrooms constructed in 2019.  Enrollment has reached 405 students.


Secondary school
for girls and boys

Growing enthusiasm for education among the Maasai prompted Olmoti Clinic/Our One Community to begin a program of assistance for boys and girls seeking to attend Tanzanian government high schools and vocational schools. While the fees are modest by Western standards, they are beyond the means of many Maasai families. In the program’s first year, dozens of families stepped up to send their sons and daughters to high school. 

Because girls are typically are subjected to marriage in their early teens, this education opportunity affords teen-age girls a chance to forge a different future. Private donations allow us to provide these out-of-reach opportunities. 

Adult Education

Maasai men and women are learning to read and write for the first time through our literacy classes. We began the program in 2018 at the request of Maasai parents who were gratified to have a school for their children, and now sought learning opportunities for themselves. In six months, 80 men and women had enrolled in classes meeting three times a week.

Training Educators

To enhance the professionalism and curriculum expertise of our teaching staff, Olmoti Clinic/Our One community collaborates with Silverleaf Academy for teacher training and mentorship. The program involves an intensive training tailored to our school, covering topics such as modern teaching practice and student-centered learning,
school leadership, and subject matter such as teaching
technology, literacy and numeracy strategies.