It’s easy to set up
your legacy gift.

Simply contact Susan Marrinan, Director of Planned Giving, at to take the next step. Our legal team is also available for consultation.

Direct bequests (inclusion in a will) are the most common method used to leave a gift. In addition, donors may choose to make Our One Community the beneficiary of a 401K/IRA plan or life insurance policy. Another alternative is to establish a charitable trust in favor of Our One Community.



Our One Community is grateful to those visionary individuals who have included our organization in their estate plans. Legacy contributors demonstrate their long-term commitment to supporting our ongoing mission to provide comprehensive medical care and education to the Maasai community of Olmoti.


100%. There is no overhead. No administrative costs. All donations are applied directly to benefit the Maasai community in Olmoti in perpetuity.

Our One Community is administered by Diane Raleigh, who began this project 10 years ago, after serving in the Peace Corps in Africa. Read about Diane.

What can your gift accomplish?

The following projects are now in place and operating at full capacity. We need your help to keep these transformative community efforts going:

Fresh water means no six-kilometer daily treks carrying gallons of water by hand, so more time for the necessities of daily life.

A Health Care Center (clinic, lab, operating suite, birthing center, etc.) in the heart of the village means more people receive treatment for illnesses earlier, improving day-to-day health, family prosperity, and longevity.

• Women can give birth in safety, with better outcomes for themselves and their newborns.
• Maasai doctors and staff inspire trust in patients and improve compliance with treatment plans.
• Lab testing, treatment, and preventative counseling for HIV, fistula, cataract blindness, and trachoma contribute to a better quality of life.
• Solar lighting and off-the-grid electricity powers the health center and its essential medical equipment 24/7.

Schools mean literacy and opportunities for every age.

• Three classrooms and teachers for grades 1–7 raise standards for everyone.
• Scholarships for older boys and girls make it possible to attend a boarding school and give girls a positive alternative to child marriage.
• A new playground and soccer field add physical fitness opportunities.
• An adult literacy class was request and provided. A second classroom and teacher were added due to unexpected demand.
• Teacher training brings fresh ideas and best practices to the classrooms.

Entrepreneurship opportunities bring new skills, income, and pride to local women.

• Our One Community provides sewing machines, fabric, and training for making non-disposable feminine pads for women and girls.
• These pads allow girls to attend school every day of the month and gives the women of the village a product they can market.