“The trip went beyond any hopes or expectations. The guides were absolutely wonderful,
knowledgeable, gracious and helpful.  I can’t imagine any better. I would recommend
this trip to anyone and everyone.”
  Robin Seigle

For ten years, the Olmoti Safari has built a reputation for delivering authentic, awe-inspiring experiences of northern Tanzania, as the local tribes and animals live it. Our guests rave about the large numbers of animals they encounter and the personal connections they forge with local villagers.

“It was great getting to see the kids at the school.”  Sophia Mills (age 15)

More than a traditional animal safari, the Olmoti Safari has a cultural immersion component that truly connects you to the people and the place. In the small Maasai village of Olmoti, visit some of the projects funded by safari tuitions: an elementary school, a health clinic, a fresh water delivery system, sanitation projects, and more. Later in the trip, take a bow-and-arrow bird hunt with the Hadzabe tribe.

“This experience was fantastic in every way.  While the safari was impressive, the cultural
aspects were even better. Loved every minute.” 
Toni Frederick

Visit the “Cradle of Civilization” museum and paleoanthropological site that informed the discoveries of Louis and Mary Leakey.

“Fantastic trip and learning experience. I can’t wait to come back!” Tom and Suella Miller

Relax in comfortable luxury throughout your stay, including comfortable en suite accommodations, private verandas, infinity pools, and other amenities.

“I’ve taken other safaris that weren’t as comfortable, well run, or welcoming. This trip was
different in so many ways, especially the cultural aspects where we got to interact with the tribes
and the children.”
Robert Palfrey

“A life changing trip…awesome, beyond my wildest imagination.” Mary Ann Harm

“It was special getting to know our guides—a window into Africa. The cultural learning
was icing on the cake.”
Francine Watson

“I am so grateful to my husband for doing his research and choosing the Olmoti Safari for our
honeymoon. After talking to friends who have taken other safaris, I realize that we had the
experience of a lifetime that far surpassed ordinary animal safaris.”
Paula Stucky  

“We were thrilled that nearly half of our safari costs went directly to support Olmoti village.”
Moira and Franklin Cleese


Your donation allows us to build on the progress we have made
bringing education, health care, water, and opportunities
to the Maasai people. Thank you.